World's First Piebald Alligator and Extremely Rare Leucistic Alligator Named Ambassadors of New High Tech, Interactive Zoo & Education Facility

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

BUSCHNELL, Fla. -- Animal Crossings of Florida, Inc. in partnership with a large entertainment development company, have announced they are breaking ground in Florida on a multi-million dollar High Tech, Interactive Zoo and Educational Facility.

The Interactive Zoo will showcase an impressive compendium of animals from large African Crested Porcupines to rare species of crocodiles. Live shows and leading edge technology will further enhance the visitor's experience.

To welcome the public, the zoo has named Blizzard, believed to be the world's only known piebald alligator, and Snowball, an ultra-rare leucistic alligator as its Ambassadors.

Blizzard and Snowball are American Alligators with extremely rare genetic mutations. Leucism, or the partial loss of pigmentation, results in an animal with primarily white skin and, with reptiles, eyes that are almost always blue. Piebaldism refers to having multicolored skin and, typically, normally pigmented eyes. Piebaldism in an alligator is believed to have never before been documented.