Digital High School Recommended for Surfing America Athletes

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

San Clemente, CA -- US Performance Academy (USPA) has partnered with Surfing America to provide a way for athletes who are a part of the Surfing America USA Junior Surf Team and Surfing America Prime Series surfers to attend their middle and high school classes online.

Surfing competitions for the USA Junior Surf Team and elite Prime surfers occur all over the world, and training is often during times in which traditional school hours occur. 

USPA offers a custom schedule and school calendar for each student athlete. They also receive access to a personal learning coach, online teachers, life skills training, a network of other athletes around the world and college counseling. 

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“In addition to a traditional academic platform, USPA athletes participate in our Foundations Program, which helps traveling athletes learn how to balance school and sport and incorporates various life skills, which includes communication, collaboration and goal setting,” USPA President Peter Smith said.