Free Online Tool Empowers Families To Set Technology Ground Rules As More Kids Go Digital

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

Alexandria, Va. -- LifeLock, Inc. and the National PTA® announced a free resource for families that helps parents have clear conversations with their children about using technology and agree on ground rules together. Called The Smart Talk, the digital tool is designed to empower families to make smarter, safer choices online and help build the next generation of digital citizens. The Smart Talk provides an interactive experience that guides kids and parents through a series of questions and conversations about topics such as safety and privacy, screen time, social media, apps and downloads, texting and calling, reputation and respect, and online videos and cameras.

After agreeing on healthy limits together, a personalized, official family agreement can be stored on the computer or printed and posted at home.

For parents looking to begin the conversation, tips and more information on device and internet accountability are available now on The Smart Talk website at 

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