High School Guidebook Released by Teenage Authors

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

New York -- Thirty-four high school students have announced publication of their book "The High School Truth," which is composed of first-person insights of life in high school.

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"The High School Truth" presents itself in short story format and holds sixty-six tips and stories from students who represent the collective nature of the American teenager attempting to survive and thrive in high school. The project is entirely student run with no contributor older than eighteen years old.

Stories range from "Avoid Awkward Mondays," which is about a young man negotiating his way through a Monday morning at school, to "Paychecks and Lack Thereof," which details a young woman trying to land her first job. 

Students who contributed to the book include state champion debaters, YouTube stars and Ivy League attendees. The book also includes students who have struggled with their sexualities, battled mental illness and helped their families through difficult times.