I&I Announces Launch of Immersive Language Game: “Think Bilingual!”

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

San Francisco, Calif. --  Interact and Immerse Inc. (I&I) and IPad application development company has launched its new game, Think Bilingual! 

Available for iTunes download, Think Bilingual! takes a unique approach to language learning. In the storyline, the user helps a family of space aliens on earth.  In each situation, the user plays the game by listening to the target language. 

“Other apps show a flashcard of a fried egg,” Christopher Loux, co-founder of I&I, said. “In our game, you fry an egg in a pan. To learn directions, you drive a car in the gameplay. You learn by doing, by playing, just as a child acquires language. Genuine immersion guides the learner to think in the target language.”

Established in 2012, I&I has the company mission to “break down the walls between gaming and education.” Since its launch Think Bilingual! has featured lessons in English, Spanish and French.  Additional languages are scheduled for development. 

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