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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Scholastic’s Parent and Child, The New York Public Library and have compiled lists of more than 100 books that they consider must-reads. We sifted through their choices and came up with our own top 10 books for children of all ages – and you can find most of them in your neighborhood or school library. Let us know if you agree. Here's one of our picks.

AGES 11 & Above

1991. 110 pp. ISBN: 978- 0679734772. Publisher: Vintage Acclaimed by critics, beloved by readers of all ages, taught everywhere from inner city grade schools to universities across the country and translated all over the world, The House on Mango Street is the remarkable story of Esperanza Cordero. Told in a series of vignettes – sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes deeply joyous – it is the story of a young Latina girl growing up in Chicago, inventing for herself who and what she will become.