The Berenstain Bears and the Mama’s Day Surprise

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

To be a mother is to be a teacher.  Now, that is not to say that just because someone is a mother she is automatically qualified to teach in a classroom, but often mothers are among the first people to teach children their earliest lessons like their first words and right and wrong.  So in honor of mothers everywhere, we at OutlooK-12 are dedicated this month’s School Library to children’s books about mothers.  We also want to wish you, our readers, a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers in your lives. 

The Berenstain Bears and the Mama’s Day Surprise
by Stan and Jan Berenstain Publisher: Random House Books
ISBN-13: 978-0375811326

“Some mama bears are when Mother’s Day comes they’re hard to surprise.”  The Berenstain Bears’ Mama Bear has a pretty good idea what her family is planning for her for Mother’s Day—her favorite breakfast in bed.  Just because she’s supposed to not know what they’re planning doesn’t mean she can’t secretly help them get ready.  She makes sure the old bed tray is clean and somewhere easy to find.  She makes sure they have all the ingredients for her favorite breakfast, Honeyed French Toast with Blueberries.  Yes, Mama appreciates her family wanting to surprise her even if they can’t—or can they?