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Sometimes in publishing, stories come together in ways that one could never have imagined. A year ago, the first issue of OutlooK-12 magazine premiered. From the beginning, we had a School Library section, and the very first book we reviewed was Ezra Jack Keats’ “The Snowy Day.”  Now, with our magazine celebrating it’s first birthday and with the Ezra Jack Keats’ Foundation celebrating what would have been Keats’ hundredth birthday, we are dedicating this month’s School Library to Keats’ timeless children’s books. We would like to thank the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation for the book summaries, fun facts and cover images. To learn more about the foundation’s ongoing activities and events in honor of Keats’ birthday, visit http://www.ezra-jack-keats.org/

1975 - ISBN-13: 978-0142400807

Sometimes without warning, you can look up and see someone or something you love with all your heart. That’s what happens to Louie at Susie and Roberto’s puppet show. Everyone is there, hushed and excited as Roberto’s mouse puppet introduces Susie’s puppet, Gussie. That’s when Louie opens his heart to Gussie with a big “Hello!” and a smile. It’s the first time Roberto and Susie have heard him speak, but they recognize love when they see it.

Fun Fact: Ezra often used details from his childhood in his books. In this case Gussie is not just the name of puppet loved by Louie but also the nickname of Ezra’s mother, Augusta.