"The Collected Tales of Nurse Matilda"

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

Children’s books and movies have always shared a sibling-rivalry relationship. On the one hand, they compete for our attention with us often favoring one over the other as the better medium.  And yet more often then we are at times aware, the two are closely connected and even inspire and compliment one another.  With this in mind, we here at OutlooK-12 have decided for this month’s book reviews to focus on children’s books that were the inspiration for movies.  Please note, we are not including movie sequels or any other types of adaptations (i.e. television series, stage productions, etc.) in the reviews below.

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"The Collected Tales of Nurse Matilda" by Christianna Brand
Illustrated by: Edward Ardizzone
ISBN-13: 978-0747576792
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Film Adaptation: “Nanny McPhee”

This marvelous collection of stories hosts scenes of the most unimaginable and relentless mischief as the rambunctious Brown children turn their minds to breaking all the rules.  But when the no-nonsense nanny Nurse Matilda (renamed Nanny McPhee in the film adaptation) arrives with her very special kind of magic, things start to happen that are beyond everyone’s wildest expectations.