The Wizard and the Quient By T.J. Lemmer in OutlooK-12 Magazine

by Ricardo Castillo in

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2014. 292 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4120-
5686-1. $21.48. Trafford Publishing,
Bloomington, IN,
"The Wizard and the Quient" follows
15 year-old Thomas Wisby as he is
transported into a world of wizards,
dinosaurs and much more. While the
book is geared towards grade-school
students, Lemmer has written in an
adult enough fashion for parents to enjoy
diving in with their kids. Lemmer
has turned his ever-active imagination
into a new fantasy-adventure novel.
“I’ve always found myself creating
my own versions of movies and books
when I hear the storyline,” Lemmer
said. “I thought I would create an
open-ended adventure that young students
could picture themselves being
a part of.” The Wizard and the Quient
is the first installment in a series that
will see Wisby get into a number of
different adventures as he grows up.