Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon By Terry John Barto in OutlooK-12 Magazine

by Ricardo Castillo

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2015. 34 pp. ISBN:9781496954541.
$15.15 paper. AuthorHouse, Bloomington,
Nickerbacher is a very special dragon.
He doesn’t want to be like all the other
dragons who guard princesses. More
than anything in the world, Nickerbacher
wants to be a comedian who makes
people laugh. Princess Gwendolyn, the
princess Nickerbacher’s father expects
him to guard, and Prince Happenstance,
the prince who comes for the princess,
encourage Nickerbacher to pursue
his goal. But Nickerbacher’s father is
appalled and commands him to guard
the princess anyway. Nickerbacher
must decide whether he will abide by
his dragonly duty or follow his dream
even if it means displeasing his papa. "I
wanted to write about following your
passion in life," Barto says. "I'm trying
to convey to be true to yourself and
follow your heart."