A Puppy's Special Day By Frances J. Smith in OutlooK-12 Magazine

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2014. 32 pp. ISBN: 978-1634174589.
$16.95 paper. Page Publishing New
York, NY. www.pagepublishing.com.
"A Puppy's Special Day" is a story
about a very lonely puppy and his
wishes of finding a friend. The book
takes the reader on an adventure into
a dark and dismal toy factory where
a poor puppy sits all alone. Though
his situation is disheartening, the
puppy never abandons his optimism.
He finds that by believing his wishes
will come true, they are fulfilled.

Although things turn out differently
than the puppy expects, his faith pays
off. The puppy’s story illustrates the
power of hope. Published by Page
Publishing, Smith’s poignant tale reminds
the reader never to give up on
their dreams. Even when life seems
dim, holding on to hope can change

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