Honey, I Love and Other Poems

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

We here at OutlooK-12 celebrate diversity and believe that exposure to other cultures is an enriching experience.  Because of this, we are featuring a special “School Library” section this month with selected titles from a list of must-have multicultural books for children and preteens.  Originally compiled by the Cooperative Children's Book Center, the School of Education and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the full list is available on the National Education Association’s website and can be viewed at http://www.nea.org/grants/50-multicultural-books.html.

Honey outlook-12

“Honey, I Love and Other Poems” by Eloise Greenfield
Illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 978-0064430975

Originally published in 1978, this book of sixteen poems tell of love and the simple joys of everyday life as seen through the eyes of a child: playing with a friend, skipping rope, riding on a train—or keeping Mama company till Daddy gets back.  Beautifully illustrated, the book demonstrates how love can be found anywhere and that even moments that may seem ordinary like taking a ride with your family in a car or sharing a laugh with a friend can really be full meaning and importance.  The book also imparts basic but significant wisdom such as love isn’t “all that kissing like on television” but in thinking about and caring for others.