“Happy Halloween, Stinky Face”

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

In the spirit of Halloween, we at OutlooK-12 are proud to present “The World’s Spookiest Booklist” courtesy of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). The largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States, RIF’s mission is “to motivate young children to read by working with them, their parents and community members to make reading a fun and beneficial part of everyday life.”


“Happy Halloween, Stinky Face” by Lisa McCourt
Illustrated by: Cyd Moore
ISBN-13: 978-0545285421 Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

"Mama, what if Mrs. Petry doesn't know it's really just me at her door? What if she gets so surprised from my super-scary costume that she throws her candy bowl up, and it lands on her head, and candy spills all over?" It's al-most time to go trick-or-treating, but first Stinky Face has just a few questions for Mama. As always, Mama loving-ly addresses each and every one of her child's concerns.