OutlooK-12 Magazine!

For 25 years The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine has been a top news source, delivering nationwide coverage of multicultural accomplishments and challenges in college classrooms.  Now we have expanded our outreach to early education with our new magazine OutlooK-12 Magazine

Continuing in the tradition of The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine, OutlooK-12 Magazine focuses on news, innovations and the latest trends that are impacting students from kindergarten through high school – all while maintaining a unique Hispanic perspective. 

In addition, OutlooK-12 Magazine features commentary on early education as well as regular columns such as:

  • Honor Roll -- Features about celebrities, public figures and organizations who are making contributions to Hispanics and/or the world of education
  • Teacher's Lounge -- Studies that explore the latest trends in academia and how they are impacting both educators and students
  • Language Arts -- Tips from teachers for teachers on classroom management, engaging lesson plans, disciplinary problems and much more
  • School Newspaper -- Scoops from across the country related to academic news, innovations and advancements
  • Role Model -- Stories of teachers who overcome obstacles or go the extra mile to help their students
  • Lesson Plans -- First-hand accounts from educations about traditional and innovative approaches to learning
  • Principal's Office -- Articles related to school management including staffing, disciplinary action and maintaining morale
  • School Library -- Reviews of the latest top book titles for children, preteens and teenagers from publishers large or small, independent
  • Report Card -- Statistical data translated into real world predictions, regarding the near future of education
  • Star Pupils -- Special column where students’ writing, artwork and photos of their science projects are featured
  • BookMarks -- Retrospective past articles that offer relevant insight and perspective on modern news and trends in education
  • Making the Grade -- A special column where our readers can write to us with personal and professional questions and get perspective and insights from our resident award-winning education veteran
  • Scholarships -- Articles related to financial aid and scholarship opportunities specifically but not exclusively available to high school students
  • High School Matters -- Articles exploring the significance and impact of the entire high school experience
  • Extra Credit -- Special bilingual articles translated into both English and Spanish
  • The Art Department -- Articles dedicated not only to art in its many forms but also on the arts' reflection of and impact on cultures
  • Nurse's Office -- Health and nutrition-related stories directly impacting the world of education

This monthly publication is available online as well as through a free app on Google Play and the App Store.  For further information, contact us at (201) 587-8800 or admin@k12hispanicoutlook.com

The Hispanic OutlooK-12 Magazine Inc.

Premiere Issue of OutlooK-12 Magazine Cover

Premiere Issue of OutlooK-12 Magazine Cover