ABC Family Star Adds a Royal Title to her Resume

by Ricardo Castillo in

She’s fought video game monsters, shared the
silver screen with singing chipmunks and is currently
playing the supportive, career-driven Sofia Rodriguez
on ABC Family’s sitcom “Young and Hungry.”
Although only 27 years old Aimee Carrero already
can boast an eclectic filmography, and soon she will
be able to add princess to her resume. Her latest
project is the voice of Disney’s first Hispanic princess,
Elena of Avalor. Recently, Carrero publically addressed
some of the controversy surrounding Elena,
including that she is not from one specific country.
Carrero pointed out that if Disney had focused on
one country for Elena, then that would mean excluding
other places that also reflect Hispanic diversity.
Elena (according to Carrero) will have tastes
and interests that reflect multiple Latin cultures.
Carrera acknowledged to that it is
not possible to make everyone happy when trying
to break new ground. “The impossible task that Disney
has is making a story that it will touch as many
people as possible, whether they are Latin or not.
She'll [Elena] talk about loving a food, that is particular
to a South American country but then loving
a music style that maybe comes from a Caribbean-
Latin country,” adding that it is a very difficult to
find a way to successfully embody all the countries
that are part of Latin ethnicity in one character.
Growing up, Carrero said she had a hard time
finding Hispanics to identify with in the media. Now
she said she hopes her work as Princess Elena will
have a positive impact on an international level.
“If those little girls or little boys have to work
a little bit less to find themselves represented in
mainstream culture, then I think that's sort of the
victory for me,” she told “I don't know
how it's going to affect everybody, but my hope is
that it'll make it a little bit easier for people to find
themselves represented in mainstream media and