Chicken Soup For The Soul Launches Anti-Bullying Program in Schools Nationwide

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

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COS COB, Conn. -- For more than 20 years, educators have used “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books in classrooms to encourage reading and to provide advice and support for students of all ages. Now Chicken Soup for the Soul has teamed up with education experts, anti-bullying experts and the non-profit Boniuk Foundation to bring Chicken Soup for the Soul Hallway Heroes, a literacy-based anti-bullying program, to schools nationwide. Where other programs react to bullying situations that have already occurred, Chicken Soup for the Soul Hallway Heroes is a proactive anti-bullying program—aiming to promote respect and compassion and to stop bullying behaviors before they even start. The program teaches both social and emotional learning skills to students through literacy-based lesson plans, so it can be integrated into the school day.

This turnkey program uses storytelling to promote literacy at the same time that it fights bullying behavior. There are 12 lesson plans per grade (initially available for first through sixth grade) aligned both nationally and to all 50 states’ specific literacy and social emotional standards.  The curriculum is slated to be expanded to seventh through twelfth grade during the next two academic years.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Hallway Heroes was developed with Resources for Learning, an education consulting firm, and has a teacher training program presented by Alex Kajitani, a California Teacher of the Year who was a finalist for National Teacher of the Year and is best known as “the rappin’ mathematician.”

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