Delgado Community College Introduces High School Students to High-Wage, High-Demand Occupations in New Orleans

by Meredith Cooper


NEW ORLEANS — In the spring of 2016, 15 students from New Orleans earned their high school degrees while simultaneously earning a certificate of technical studies (CTS) after attending a technical skills expo (TSE) hosted by Delgado Community College.

Graduates included eight students from Grace King High School and seven males from Warren Easton Charter High School. Affectionately known as the "Super Seven" across the country, the Warren Easton graduates challenged each other to join the dual enrollment program together. Beginning their junior year, the Super Seven and Grace King students attended both high school classes and Delgado courses. Through countless study groups and collaborative support they were able to balance dual enrollment and successfully completed the program.

"I really look at this as a blessing for us," said Jamon Williams, a Super Seven graduate. "I am proud of my classmates because we're African-American men and a lot of us are only looked at like a negative statistic. I feel like we made history."

Within two days, the students received their high school diplomas and earned CTS credentials in residential electricity from Delgado. Since graduation, many of the students have secured employment in the local workforce while others have opted to continue their education. Five of the Grace King graduates are now employed as medical registration specialists at Uptown PMR and Dimitri Dermatology. One of the Warren Easton graduates is employed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers while the others enrolled in advanced training programs at University of New Orleans, Delgado Community College and University of Louisiana Lafayette.

"Their accomplishments are the desired goal of the Technical Skills Expo. Through their commitment to both their high school and college courses, they have set a standard of excellence for other high school students." said Dr. Arnel Cosey, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Co-Chair of the TSE.

Delgado is excited to continue introducing local students to opportunities in the workforce through the TSE. Due to the dedication and ambition of the young group, more students are following their path and are expected to graduate in the upcoming semesters.