Holyoke Public Schools Dual Language Kindergarten Enrollment Opportunity

by Ricardo Castillo

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Holyoke’s Joseph Metcalf School is offering an enrollment opportunity for any student currently in Kindergarten, who is interested in attending our Dual Language Kindergarten. This innovative program offers: language acquisition opportunities in English and Spanish; research based curriculum that is aligned with the district's benchmarks and state's curriculum framework; instruction that is conducted in Spanish half the day and English half the day.
Dual language refers to any program that provides literacy and content instruction to all students through two languages. The program also promotes bilingualism and bi-literacy, grade-level academic achievement, and multicultural competence for all students.
Why choose dual language for your child?
 Second language is best acquired through immersion in the second language.
 Knowledge learned through one language facilitates acquisition of second language knowledge.
 Students benefit from cognitive advantages with development of bilingualism and bi-literacy.
 The optimal window for language acquisition is the elementary years.