Find the Advertising Opportunity That Will Serve You Best!

Every organization has different needs, and so at OutlooK-12, we give our readers a variety of ad options to help you meet your goals while staying within your marketing budget.

Who Advertises with OutlooK-12

The Hispanic OutlooK-12 Magazine

Since OutlooK-12 magazine covers news and innovations affecting children ranging from kindergarten through high school, we are an ideal advertising choice for:

·      Elementary schools

·      Middle schools/junior high schools

·      High schools

·      Colleges and universities (high school recruitment, youth programs, etc.)

·      Educational conferences

·      Tutoring centers and programs

·      SAT and PSAT preparatory centers and programs

·      Book publishers and authors

·      Museums

·      Historic, state and national parks

·      Aquariums, zoos and wildlife preserves

·      Day and summer camps

·      Educational product manufacturers

·      Non-profit, charity and grassroots organizations related to children or teens

·      Youth groups

·      Financial institutions (scholarships, youth programs and outreaches, etc.)

·      And much more!

Advertising Options Available Through OutlooK-12

·      Space ads—advertisers can choose from 12 different ad sizes ranging from 1/12 of a page to a full-page ad.  Click Here to view our rate card.
·      Classified job ads—in addition to our website’s job board, we also offer packages for running classified job ads in OutlooK-12 magazine.  Click Here for further information about our job ad packages.
·      Native Advertising/Advertorials—for those who want to maximize their ad’s information and exposure, native ads give our advertisers greater scope and flexibility. 

For further information about all our advertising options, contact Tomás at 201-587-8800 or