Mario Lopez Adds Two Children’s Books to His Creative Resume

by Ricardo Castillo

Mario Lopez’s upbringing was immortalized in a children’s book he authored entitled, “Mud Tacos.”  Published in 2009, it gives readers insight into his childhood memories growing up in Chula Vista, California.  Would you eat a wormy, squirmy mud taco?  The book answers this question and is the story of Marissa, a young girl who loves her big brother, Mario.  He always comes up with fun ideas.  When playing in their nana’s backyard, they decide to make some wormy, squirmy mud tacos.  That gives Mario an idea; how about some real tacos for lunch!  Before long, it is off to the store with Nana, but first they must pick up their cousins Rosie and Chico.  When Chico starts acting like a hotshot to prove that he is a big kid, can his cousins, with the help of a few mud tacos, show him how to have some real fun?  The book was co-authored by Mario Lopez and his sister Marissa Lopez Wong with Maryn Roos as the book’s illustrator. 
His second book, “Mario and Baby Gia,” was published in 2011 as a touching tribute to his fatherhood experience as dad to Gia who was born in 2010.  He reprises the autobiographical characters in his first book with Mario having a hard time finding someone to play with since all of his usual playmates are busy. His sister, Marissa, is playing with Cousin Rosie, and his cousin Chico is off to baseball practice.  When Nana asks Mario to babysit his cousin Gia while she bakes, he finds that babies can be a handful.  But even when he feels that he has reached the end of his rope, it is baby Gia who reminds Mario that a family is built on love and caring.  It was written by Lopez and once again illustrated by Maryn Roos. •

mario lopez mario and baby cia hispanic outlook 12 magazine
mario lopez hispanic outlook 12 magazine