Dr. Seuss's the Cat in the Hat Tosses Red and White Stovepipe Hat in the Ring for 2016 Presidential Election to Teach Children the Importance of Voting

by Marilyn Roca Enriquez in

NEW YORK -- The Cat in the Hat has declared his candidacy for president of the United States and is letting children choose his campaign’s cause. Votes can be cast for the Cat to work with one of his supporters and their selected cause. Each cause is linked to a related organization, and together Random House Children's Books and Dr. Seuss Enterprises will make a $10,000 donation to the winning charity.  Children can vote for:

  • Reading and Education to support First Book
  • Ocean Conservation to support Oceana
  • The Environment to support Conservation International
  • Fighting Hunger to support Feed the Children
  • Kindness for All to support PACER Center

Children can vote by sending a ballot slip to Random House Children's Books. Ballots can be downloaded from the campaign headquarters, CatInHat4Prez.com, or picked up in participating retailers or from participating educators. Voting will run through November 8, and the winning charity will be announced on December 1.